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Zoie Palmer is definitively out of almost all Lost Girl promotions for this last season.

Thank you Ksenia Solo to give a little cheer up for Zoie Palmer who couldn’t attend Dragon Con 2014 with her, Emmanuelle Vaugier & Rick Howland. It was really a sweet gesture from Ksenia Solo. 

I am glad  K. Solo, E. Vaugier & R. Howland, did have really fun together and shared this dragon con with fans.

Also, i am sad that Zoie Palmer couldn’t attend it because of illness. Fans sure didn’t have the chance to meet her, but more of all, Zoie didn’t have the chance to meet her fans and the famous gang cast. 

Through the seasons, i notice, Zoie Palmer barely had Lost Girl fan expo / fan panel, with the other cast, especially Anna Silk. She is sent alone in comic cons. I was hoping Zoie Palmer would be beside Anna Silk for the Fan Expo Canada 2014…

Zoie Palmer just missed almost all the fan expo / panel / comic cons despite her; to the great misfortune of her fans. 

How sad, she couldn’t promote, have fun, and share special moments with the Lost Girl cast, Anna Silk, and fans.

The official twitter accounts, @lostgirlseries, @showcasedotca, hadn’t mention Zoie Palmer in any case, not only to inform fans for her “health issue”, nor Zoie Palmer’s concerns for not having the chance to attend Dragon Con.

Only Ksenia Solo, did this little gesture, but sure so important and right, for Zoie. And I thank her for that.

I could have die for some PDA coming from Anna Silk…

End of the observation : Zoie Palmer is definitively out of almost all Lost Girl promotions, fan expo / fan panel / comic con, at least for this last season of Lost Girl.

I just want to point out this. Voilà.

50 icons of Zoie Palmer in Lost Girl 3.10


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Anna Silk attends the Lost Girl panel at FanExpo Canada 2014 (x)

"Sidekick solidarity.  Check your contract."

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